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Indigo Chiropractic works with professional, semi-professional and other serious athletes to ensure they perform at the highest levels possible.


Indigo Chiropractic delivers top notch care to individuals who seek to feel their very best or who are dealing with sports and non-sports related injuries.

Our Approach

Our years of experience delivering quality care has taught us to look at each patient as an individual. We are not a one-size fits all practice and offer highly personalized care.

Better, Stronger, Faster, Heathier?

Core Treatments

What you can expect from us

The foundation of our pratice are chiropractic adjustments baed on each patients needs.

Biomechanically Sound Excercises & Stretches

In order to support each patients goals, we recommend specfic excercises and stretches.

Professional Athlete Care

We specialize in working with highly skilled athletes helping them perform at their peak.

Auto Accidents

Indigo Chiropractic is highly experienced in treating auto accident injuries.

Workplace Accidents/Workers Comp

We’ve been providing comprehensive workplace injury care for over 20 years.

Sports Injuries

Because we work with elite athletes, we have a unique understanding of sports injuries.

Patients Seen

Years in Practice

Adjustments Given

Lives Changed

About Dr. Iain Simpson D.C.

Dr. Iain Simpson works with the structure and function of the human body. He understands that proper biomechanics are necessary for wellness and symptom relief. His philosophy is based on the understanding that when an individual’s biomechanics are functioning properly all the various reasons people sought his care dissipate. Iain Simpson, DC graduated with top honors from “The” Palmer Colledge of Chiropractic. Based on this knowledge, Dr. Iain Simpson has maintained a thriving practice delivering successful care for the past 13 plus years.

Indigo Chiropractic’s reputation, care, and experience has brought clients from all over the United States including professional golfers. Regardless of your athleticism, Dr. Simpson can help you & will help alleviate your issues.


Our CBD oil soft gel caps are rigorously tested for quality, purity, and potency. Soft gel caps offer a specific dose, allowing you to adjust your daily intake with ease and accuracy. Easy to swallow, fast dissolving, and fast acting, our gel caps offer a simple and convenient way for you to get your daily dose of hemp-derived CBD oil.

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Golf Program

If you have ever strained your back during a golf game, you are not alone. It’s estimated of the 30 million golfers in the United States, 80% have experienced some sort of back pain. As fun as it is, swinging at golf balls puts an individual’s body in an awkward position, opening up the opportunity for injury. There’s another way to combat back injuries caused by golfing, without meds. It’s not a magic wand, it’s chiropractic care!

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The Hypervolt is the only device featuring 3 speed settings. These speed settings allow a level of variability that is necessary to provide a customized experience. Everybody is different, and different body parts may need different variations of speed/power.

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Few Words About Indigo Chiropractic

Indigo Chiropractic has been delivering outstanding chiropractic care for over the last 20 years.

We treat a wide variety of patients from individuals and families to athletes at all levels of competition.

Chiropractic care has become a staple in many people’s arsenal of healthcare because of its many benefits that extend far beyond injury care. Indigo Chiropractic looks forward to meeting you and working with you as part of your healthcare team to ensure you are as healthy and happy as you can be!

Patients Seen 70%
Years in Practice 92%
Adjustments Given 100%
Lives Changed 83%

Happy Clients


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