Indigo Chiropractic in Scottsdale, AZ is a full service chiropractic office located just of the 101 and Shea Blvd. We are  dedicated to chiropractic services Indigo Chiropraticproviding the best chiropractic care to our patients.

  • New patients are always welcome
  • Most insurances are accepted
  • Referrals are always accepted

Dr. Iain Simpson aka Dr. Iain is a trained chiropractic specialist who has been practicing for over 15 years. He specializes in treatments of sports, work and auto related injuries as well as all musculoskeletal (spine and extremities) ailments.

Dr. Iain treats patients of all ages.

  • Headaches
  • Jaw Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Joint Pain/Stiffness
  • Sports Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Numbness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Female Issues
  • Poor Posture
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Many people consult with a chiropractic physician for a neck or back pain, however, many patients are also surprised that their other health issues such as digestive disturbances, female problems and sleeping issues has been improved as well. Any symptoms that arise from an irritated nerve by a misaligned vertebra may benefit from a treatment by a good chiropractor. Spinal nerves function most optimally when the spine is in a correct alignment. An irritated nerve may have many symptoms: neck pain, back pain, numbness and tingling down the extremities, and muscle weakness along the nerve path.

If structural misalignment causing nerve irritation is the cause of the patent’s symptoms then chiropractic treatments are best for a long term relief. If the patient’s health condition is not related to a spinal misalignment and/or by an irritated nerve then the patient is referred to their general physician or to a medical specialist.

Diagnosis and Treatment


A proper diagnosis must be made in order to provide the most effective treatment possible. Chiropractic physicians use the same methods for consultation and physical examination that all doctors use. Chiropractic physicians train thoroughly in differential diagnoses to develop these skills.


The word chiropractic comes from the two Greek words, “cheir” (“hand”) and “practikos” (“done by”). Hands are the tools that chiropractic physicians rely on the most. Our primary technique of spinal care is known as a spinal adjustment. A precise force is applied to realign the vertebrae back to their anatomically correct positions. Only the chiropractic physician has developed the expertise and sensitivity needed to know when, where and how to apply this specialized form of spinal adjustment. In addition, application of intersegmental traction for spinal decompression or extremity adjustments for frozen shoulders, painful knees, elbows and ankles may be utilized by a chiropractic physician.

There are various techniques taught in the chiropractic schools, all are designed to alleviate pain, restore normal function, ease muscle spasms and un-lock restricted spinal joints. The primary objective of the treatment is to restore the normal transmission of nerve impulses, thereby allowing the body to naturally heal itself and stay healthy without medications.

Children and chiropractic

Parents want to maximize their children’s health, and they should take a proactive approach in keeping children healthy. All children should be checked on a regular basis to determine whether there are spinal postural alterations, which can negatively affect the child’s nervous system and the way the child’s body heals and regulates.

As the infant grows, learning to hold up the head, sit, crawl, and walk are all activities that affect spinal alignment. As the child begins to participate in regular childhood activities, small yet significant spinal misalignments may occur. If neglected, the injuries during this period of rapid growth may lead to more serious problems later in life. Subtle trauma throughout childhood will affect the future development of the spine leading to impaired nervous system function. Any interference to the vital nervous system will adversely affect the body’s ability to function at its best.

One of the most common reasons parents seek care for their child is trauma from an injury of some sort. These misalignments may or may not result in immediate pain or symptoms. It is important to make the correction early in life and help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adulthood.