Sports Injuries

Dr. Iain of Indigo Chiropractic has a great deal of experience working with athletes of all calibers. Athletic endeavors from weight lifting to golf injuries are very common causes of neck and low back injuries.

The human body is capable of incredibly intricate movements. These movements are possible only because of the wiring and communication of our nervous system. When this wiring is disrupted by vertebral misalignment’s  muscles do not fire as efficiently, blood circulation is compromised, joint range of motion is reduced and our performance is significantly compromised.

An athlete himself, Dr. Iain realizes the passion and urgency athletes have to compete and the frustration they feel when sidelined by an injury. By correcting spinal misalignment’s the frame is balanced and strengthened, nerve supply is restored to joints and muscles, range of motion and performance are improved.

If you have sustained an injury and need rehab or you just want to work toward optimum health and athletic performance chiropractic care can make all the difference. Professional athletes and weekend warriors around the world have used chiropractic for decades with incredible results.


Running or jogging is one of the best forms of exercise for maintaining our cardiovascular systems and muscle tone. Unfortunately, even with the best running form and shoes, this exercise still produces a tremendous amount of repetitive stress on our joints.sports related injuries running | Indigo Chiropractic Misalignment’s of the low back and pelvis are very common in both amateur and seasoned runners. These misalignment’s are mechanical weaknesses that make runners very vulnerable to debilitating injuries and joint degeneration (arthritis).

Research has shown that misalignment in the low back and pelvis cause poor bio-mechanics which in turn causes an inefficient stride and a slower running pace.

Chiropractic care from Indigo Chiropractic can effectively correct misalignment’s and decreases mechanical stress and abnormal pressure to the joints of the low back and pelvis.


sports injuries golf | Indigo ChiropraticThe movements required for the game of golf deliver unusual and extreme amount of torque and stress to both the low and upper back.

To make things worse, the average player has an already limited range of motion due to muscle tension, restricted joints and poor conditioning. Yes, this does make the weekend golf warrior especially vulnerable to spinal injuries. But unfortunately, even an ideal golf swing produces a tremendous mechanical stress to the low back.

Misalignment’s in the spine cause joint restriction, nerve irritations, acute and chronic injuries. In addition, these factors reduce flexibility and range of motion in the low back and torso which in turn restricts swing and decreases club speed and performance.

Both professional and novice golfers have discovered chiropractic care is not only effective for injury rehab, but also for injury prevention, increased flexibility and improved performance.

More and more, golfers around the world are discovering the great benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic is the only healthcare that addresses the injuries and mechanical stresses specific to the game of golf. Dr. Iain has extended study in golf swing bio-mechanics and successfully treated golf related injuries from over 10 years. He has effectively treated professional and leisure golfers alike.